Here Are 3 Indisputable Reasons Why You Should Integrate Your Online Shopify Ticketing Site with Evey

Here Are 3 Indisputable Reasons Why You Should Integrate Your Online Shopify Ticketing Site with Evey

Planning a good event is a credible way of receiving a large number of customers, but it’s not the end. For your events to be a success, you need proper coordination of all activities. The activities start from ticket designing, selling, and verification of attendants. Without adequate monitoring of your event, things can go south. First, you may sell a few tickets and receive massive attendees. Or else, accept customers who never bought your tickets. But how does this happen?

 As technology advances, criminals are taking advantage of a loophole in your systems. Lack of a better verification mechanism can be a fertile ground for the criminals to benefit from your sleepless nights. They will purchase one ticket and develop duplicates. The software is available that you can integrate with your ticketing store. If Shopify is your ticket selling website home, you need to consider Evey integration. Here are three main reasons why you should do this:

A reliable option for managing your attendees

How you handle your event is the determiner of its success or failure. For you to achieve success, you must have a reliable way of managing activities in the events. These activities include reliable verification of attendees. You must have a way of ensuring your attendees are the appropriate ones. With Shopify Evey integration, you get a suitable system for verifying your attendees through your mobile devices or PC. Hence, no instances of having fake people coming to your events.

Enhances your e-ticket customization

For an event to earn you high returns, you may need to have different ticket categories. Say for example you need three ticket categories – regular, VIP, and VVIP. For you to enhance your sales, you must customize tickets at each level. Some of the elements you can customize are colors, shape, or images on each of the mentioned categories. If you are looking for these aspects, Shopify Evey combination enhances your customization abilities. You can design your tickets based on your preferable aspects. This way, you boost your ticket sales.

Opportunity to drive ticket sales on different interfaces

Unlike early times, people are accessing the internet using various devices. PC and mobile devices are becoming useful tools for buying and selling online. Selling tickets is not an exception. Your prospects will use these devices to purchase your event tickets. With the Shopify Evey integration, you can easily sell tickets online through any devices. Hence, it is a good way of harnessing your sales.

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