3 Most straightforward Steps of Building a Ticketing Website with Shopify

3 Most straightforward Steps of Building a Ticketing Website with Shopify

As an event manager, selling tickets is a central job. You need to drive ticket sales to have a guarantee of attendance. Without proper ticket sales plan, you can organize an event that no one will attend. Like any other business, having information on the expected number of audience is a good idea. Also, some customers prefer buying tickets early to avoid gate crashing in the last minutes. For this reason, having a ticket selling website is not optional. You need to offer your customers a virtual option where they can purchase tickets online. However, the effectiveness of your site depends on the e-commerce platform you build it. Shopify is a good option when it comes to ticket selling website building. As a newbie in this field, you may have some challenges in creating your store. If you are enduring challenges in this process, here are 3 most straightforward steps of creating a website for selling tickets online with Shopify:

Building your online store on Shopify

Your first step is store creation. Here, you log on to the Shopify website and head on to store creation icon. You fill this part with your name and business information. Also, you select a name for your store. This name should be unique. Shopify will always inform you if you choose a name of another registered store. Also, you must enter the details of the item you are going to offer online. Upon this, you can move on to the next step.

Ticketing store customization

For you to enhance your ticket selling, you need a customized website. Customization helps you to boost your site’s audience attraction. In this step, you choose your ticket selling website template, upload your business logo, and select the background colors. For your information, it is essential to go for a website template that fits with your venture. In this regard, your template must match with the ticketing affairs. When you’re certain all this step is complete, you can proceed on to the final stage.

Choosing and registering a domain name and activating your payment option

Having a domain name is not optional. It is the key to your online presence. When building your ticketing website with Shopify, you have an opportunity to use your existing domain. In case you lack one, you can proceed on and register one. Next, you need to do is activating your payment option. Your online ticket selling website must offer the customers an opportunity for paying. Shopify gives you a chance to choose your preferred payment gateways.

With these steps completed, your online ticketing website will be ready for use

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